Aggregation: a solution for wholesalers

//Aggregation: a solution for wholesalers

With pharma distribution getting more challenging with time, aggregation offers a heavily improved work flow with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

Aggregation: a solution for wholesalers

As of today, many distributing companies in the Pharma Industry are still not migrating their operations to an aggregation model, in many cases because some serialization regulations do not require it. But this could change in the following months, when the regulations involving product identifier enforcement decide to give more responsibilities to the wholesaler sector.

Taking this into consideration, it’s important to talk about the main benefits of adopting aggregation solutions in Pharma manufacturers and distributors. Basically, the goal of aggregation is maximizing the efficiency for dealing with serial numbers from unit to case, using different package types. This involves items such as blisters, bottles, vials, prefilled syringes and many other according to the type of pharmaceutical product being distributed.

One of the most important benefits of aggregation is saving time during the distribution process. This is because when the product hierarchy is well defined inside the serial codes itself, there’s no need to check manually every unit and package, as they can be “assumed” from a single code thanks to the information given by the suppliers.

The process of aggregation allows companies to save time and optimize processes by avoiding to manually check inside of every package during the wholesale process. These kinds of procedures can significantly slow down the distribution of products and can dramatically escalate costs because of the amount of work involved. And those are not the only problems that can arise from the lack of aggregation, as it’s important to mention that problems such as theft could also come into play as the packages require more manual labor in the process of identifying serial numbers.

Aggregation is also heavily supported using high-technology for warehouses and wholesalers. Not only through the use of the barcode technology that is already the norm in distribution processes, but also using solutions like RFID tags that could make day-to-day operations more smooth and accurate. Thanks to this, there’s no doubt that this solution can successfully improve the work flow for wholesalers and distributors across Europe.

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