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Verifarma relays on a well trained and certified network of experienced Systems Integrators that know exactly how to tailor Verifarma to your company with the highest quality and services standards.

Why to become a Partner

Obligation for the entire Pharmaceutical Industry of the European Union

It was established in the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161, that since February 19, 2019 all prescription medicines and some over-the-counter medications must be serialized and inform at the EMVO (https://emvo- the availability in the market and the destination country to be marketed.

Verifarma solution

Verifarma company with Global HQ in Argentina and European HQ in Spain, is a leading company with 10 years of experience and more than 2000 implementations in 10 countries. It is one of the three companies in Europe that is Certified by the EMVO to be able to provide traceability services to laboratories as their IT Connection Provider.

Partnership Program

Verifarma is looking to expand its solution to new countries in Europe, through its plan of representatives/commercial agents. The representative program contemplates rapid training to start business immediately and supply a market that needs proven solutions in the short

Verifarma’s Keyfacts

  • Deep understanding of the industry: Directive 2001/83/ CE of the European Parliament and the Delegated regulation (EU) 2016/161, GS1 coding standards.
  • Verifarma is a CERTIFIED Connection Provider by the EMVO, being one of the top three OBP Partners able to offer proven quality and secure flow of information to the repositories.
  • European Headquarters in Madrid, Spain.
  • Experts in track & trace since 2007.

  • Market Leader with more than 2000 implementations in 10 countries.
  • Market Leader with more than 2000 implementations in 10 countries.

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