Serialization and traceability of medications: Laboratoris Feltor Case

//Serialization and traceability of medications: Laboratoris Feltor Case

The serialization of medicines is one of the great challenges that the pharmaceutical industry must now overcome in almost all the world.

Regulatory that requires the univocal identification of each medication prevent it from being improperly manipulated throughout the entire supply chain. This undoubtedly affects greater patient safety and represents a great challenge for pharmaceutical companies that must adapt quickly and comply with the deadlines and requirements of the regulation.


How to adapt for serialization?

Laboratoris Feltor is a company specialized in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in Spain, which manufactures and packages top quality products as an external plant for different national and international companies.

In order to guarantee the highest quality in the products, Laboratoris Feltor accompanies the client in all the phases of the process, from the initial phase of development of formulas in cosmetic companies, to the industrialization and placing on the market of the finished product.

The Industrial Director of Laboratoris Feltor, Carles Cirera, explains what their problems were, how they were solved and how it helped them to incorporate a technological solution such as Verifarma.


What was the major challenge for Laboratoris Feltor?

Cirera says that in the case of Laboratoris Feltor the serialization project represented a great challenge because the company manufactures and packages medicines for several pharmaceutical laboratories.

This forced them to equip all their production lines adapted to serialization and to look for a reliable supplier to guarantee the success of the project.


Why they choose Verifarma?

Among the aspects they took into account when choosing a serialization provider, Cirera details that they valued four strategic factors to make a decision.

  • The quality of the service
  • Agility of response
  • Proactivity in problems resolved
  • Economic issues

This is how they decided to choose Verifarma serialization software to carry out the adaptation of their technological platforms.


How was the problem resolved?

When we asked Cirera about how they met their needs for updating and technological adaptation, he says that after assessing different suppliers, Verifarma was the company that offered them the best solution.

  • How did you solve the need or problem?

Finally, we decided to hire Verifarma for level 4, a provider that offered us a solution that responded to our need and always was 100% involved to ensure success in the productive start-up.

  • What benefits did you get when solving the problem with a serialization software?

We meet the agreed date for productive startup. All the incidents that arose during the tests and the implementation of such a complex system were solved in record time and successfully by Verifarma team. At all times they were affordable and willing to solve the issues that were emerging and that we reported.

  • How do you evaluate the results?

Thanks to the support and involvement of Verifarma throughout the project, we managed to reach the expected date and were able to meet the requirements that our clients requested. His technical team always gave us support and a quick and agile response.

Interview of Carles Cirera, Industrial Director of Laboratoris Feltor – December 2019

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