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About Verifarma

Verifarma is a service designed to comply with the different dispositions of serialization and traceability in diverse countries of the world. Integrated by a software, an expert team in regulations, customer service, project managers for developments, a world class technology infrastructure and validation systems. This solution covers the needs of integration with production lines (L3), and communication with business partners (MAH or CMO) L4 and 5. There is a frequent option to integrate from L4 with L3 software from suppliers of vision equipment, integrations have already been carried out with eight suppliers of leading equipment in the market. Also,the solution is highly integrated with the clients’ ERP.

In the case of the European Economic Community, Verifarma platform reports both to the EMVO and validates devolutions in the national repositories. The service contemplates carrying out rapidly the adaptations and modifications of the integration with the health entity without additional costs for the client. Also, every month, the coding formats of the new countries with traceability regulations are updated.

Verifarma is one of the few companies that obtainedthe Certified category by the EMVO, this certification assures the customer that the integration between Verifarma and the EMVO is proven.

All actions of the process are prepared to inform to the regulatory entities. You can first perform them and then report manually or automatically, using different user profiles. From the preventive department of customer service, our team daily carries out monitoring activities of the reports sent to the regulatory entities.

Verifarma is a solution L3, 4 y 5 certified by the EMVO. With 10 years of experience in traceability and a 7×24 customer service team, giving support to clients in communication to regulatory entities since 2011.

Verifarma Seguridad

Security and Privacy

  • Robust solution in Amazon AWS infrastructure.
  • Security risks approved.

  • IDS, firewalls, anti DDOS systems.

  • Redundancy of data preventing its loss and its high availability with RDS technology.

  • Scalable architecture designed for large volumes of data.

  • Permanent backup policy through snapshots.

  • Access control: authentication by user, password and vip token (Symantec).

  • Separation of database by client.

  • Use of secure protocols for information exchange.

  • The protection and confidentiality of data make Verifarma’s prestige. Confidentiality agreements are made with clients and collaborators of the company.

Speed and Flexibility

The added value provided by the Customer Service is very important for us, which is why we have a team of experts who have 6 years of experience attending companies that inform regulatory entities.

  • Personalized service, 365 days a year. In Spanish, English and Portuguese.

  • Preventive service of functional improvements and monitoring reports to regulatory entities.

  • Flexibility in development of interfaces with multiple ERP systems.

  • Compatible with all operating systems and Internet browsers.

Verifarma Seguridad

Quality and standards

  • Implementation of GS1 standards since 2008.

  • GS1 approval as suppliers.

  • Compliance with CFR 21, Part 11.

  • Validable system according to GAMP 5




We advise on regulatory issues and update our service according to the current regulations in each market.

Verifarma Calidad


Validation: development and implementation of IQ, OQ and PQ protocols. Quality certified by ISO 9001:2008 – ID 9105077195.

Atención las 24 horas los 365 días


Personalized service, 365 days a year. In Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Authorized IT Connection Providers by the EMVO to provide traceability solutions.

Atención las 24 horas los 365 días


With 8 manufacturers of serialization equipment and leading solutions in level 4.


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